Through Leapfrog, employers and other purchasers can drive a movement for safe, high-value health care in this country.

Our Members include Fortune 100 companies, consumer advocacy groups, and over 30 regional business coalitions on health. When you stand with Leapfrog, you stand for: 


The Leapfrog Hospital Survey is the gold standard in public reporting of health information. It is the exclusive national source of information by hospital on critical aspects of safety and quality. Leapfrog data is used by over two dozen public reporting agencies including national health plans and health care enterprise companies.


We fuel healthy competition among hospitals by standing by the integrity of our data. We report on key consumer issues like maternity care, infection rates, and mortality on high-risk procedures. Leapfrog data is designed for use in value-based purchasing and informed decision-making. 


We stimulate the delivery of both high-quality and efficient hospital care by helping purchasers and health plans create innovative ways to reward excellence and discourage poor performance in their communities.   


Member Benefits

Find out how much you pay for medical errors:

Employers and other purchasers pay an average of $8,000 per hospital admission for errors, injuries, accidents and infections. Use your claims data on the Hidden Surcharge Calculator to estimate how much you pay for medical errors. Leapfrog members have exclusive access to specialized tools and premium supplements to the Calculator.

Get the scoop on how hospitals and health plans compare:

Members can access Competitive Benchmarking reports - used by hospitals, health plans, and purchasers to determine how hospitals compare to others in their region and across the country. Members can also join the Health Plan Users Group, where we craft goals and criteria for health plans to determine how well they are implementing Leapfrog principles.

Join Leapfrog’s public policy advocacy:

Members enjoy representation in public policy and updates on government policies, quality measures, and public reporting impacting employers. Members can also collaborate with other purchasers, as well as health plans, health policy leaders, and other health care stakeholders.

Educate your employees about hospital safety:

Download our special Purchaser Toolkit, a robust collection of materials to assist employers in communicating key information about the Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade and patient safety to their employees.

Annual Dues

For profit business: $10,000
For profit business with current membership in a local or regional Business Coalition on Health: $4,900
Not-for-profit: $4,000


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