Scoring and Results

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The scoring algorithms document contains important information about how your responses to each section of the Survey are scored and publicly reported. The document includes cut-points for process and outcome measures, as well as scoring details and criteria for each of Leapfrog's performance categories (e.g., Fully Meets the Standard, Substantial Progress, Some Progress, Willing to Report, etc.). The 2018 Scoring Algorithms document also now includes the scoring criteria for the CPOE Evaluation Tool, which can be found starting on page 27 in Appendix I. 


Hospital Details Page

Currently the Hospital Details Page shows results from the 2017 Leapfrog Hospital Survey. Starting on July 12, hospitals can view results and scoring information on their Hospital Details Page for Surveys submitted by June 30. See hospital details page for more information.


Leapfrog Hospital Survey Results

2018 Leapfrog Hospital Survey Results will be first published on July 25 and will be refreshed within the first 5 business days of each month thereafter to reflect Surveys submitted or re-submitted between June 30 and December 31, and previously submitted Surveys that are corrected by January 31. Survey Results are frozen from February to July 25.

2017 Survey Results

Results from the 2017 Leapfrog Hospital Survey are currently available.  

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