2022 Leapfrog Hospital Survey Deep Dive Sessions

Leapfrog Hospital Survey  

Hospitals are invited to participate in the 2022 Leapfrog Hospital Survey Deep Dive Series, which will feature four different sessions focused on specific sections of the Leapfrog Hospital Survey. These sessions are designed to help survey coordinators, quality directors, and other hospital and health system leaders gain an in-depth understanding of the reporting periods, questions, measure specifications, and scoring algorithms used on the Survey. Throughout each session, participants will be able to ask questions to our live Help Desk using the Zoom Q&A feature. Each session will be capped at 100 participants.


Registration fee: $395 per session. 


The four sessions will include:


NQF Safety Practices & Hand Hygiene

May 9 from 12:00 - 3:00PM ET

This session will focus on Section 6A: Practice #1 – Culture of Safety Leadership Structures and Systems, Section 6B: Practice #2 – Culture Measurement, Feedback, and Intervention, Section 6C: Practice #9 – Nursing Workforce, Section 6D: Hand Hygiene, and Section 6E: Nurse Staffing and Skill Level.


Medication Safety

May 31 from 12:00 - 3:00PM ET

This session will focus on Section 2 CPOE, including the CPOE Evaluation Tool, and Section 8, including Bar Code Medication Administration and Medication Reconciliation.


Inpatient & Outpatient Surgery

June 13 from 12:00 - 3:00pm ET

This session will focus on Section 3 Adult and Pediatric Complex Surgery, including hospital and surgeon volume, surgical appropriateness, and the Safe Surgery Checklist, as well as Section 10 Outpatient Procedures, including medical, surgical, and clinical staff, volume of procedures, safety of procedures, medication safety for outpatient procedures, and patient experience (OAS CAHPS).


Specialty Care

June 24 from 12:00 - 3:00PM ET

This session will focus on Section 4 Maternity Care, including maternity care volume, elective deliveries, cesarean birth, episiotomy, process measures of quality, and high-risk deliveries, Section 5 ICU Physician Staffing, as well as Section 9 Pediatric Care, including patient experience (CAHPS Child Hospital Survey) and pediatric computed tomography (CT) radiation dose.


Please Note: The admittance fee is per attendee. Hospitals and health systems that would like to have multiple individuals participate in the Deep Dive Sessions should complete separate registration forms and submit payment for each individual they would like to have participate. A Zoom link and passcode will be sent electronically to the user in advance of the sessions. 

Please refer to the list of sessions above for topics, dates, and times.
Leapfrog's Deep Dive Sessions for Hospitals are part of the Judie Burrows Education Institute and partially funded by individual and corporate contributions. If you are interested in contributing, please visit www.leapfroggroup.org/donate.
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