Hospital-Acquired Injuries

Leapfrog evaluates two hospital-acquired injuries on the Leapfrog Hospital Survey: Hospital-Acquired Stage III & IV Pressure Ulcers and Hospital-Acquired Injuries.

  • Hospital-acquired pressure ulcers at stage III and IV are "bedsores" that are caused by remaining in one position for a long time, commonly in a bed or wheelchair, and can be prevented through known precautions. Stage III and IV pressure ulcers are very deep, serious sores that may reach muscle or bone. They cause severe pain and serious infection, and may prolong hospital stays or lead to amputation. Occasionally, a pressure ulcer may lead to death.
  • Hospital-acquired injuries are falls and other traumatic injuries (broken or dislocated bones, crushing injuries, or burns) that occur while a patient is in the hospital. Falls can happen when patients who really can’t walk on their own try getting out of bed, often to go to the restroom. Patient falls increase time in the hospital, require additional care, and can result in permanent disability or even death. Although some falls and injuries may occur when hospitals are providing quality care, many others can be avoided.

These are publicly reported as Hospital-Acquired Injuries and Hospital-Acquired Pressure Ulcers on Leapfrog's Hospital Ratings Results page.


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