Maternity Care

Having a baby is one of life’s most exciting experiences, but the type of care received in the hospital can vary greatly. Women and families should use Leapfrog's hospital survey results to consider which hospital they’d like to use for their child’s delivery.This section of the survey examines five key areas of maternity care quality:

The majority of maternity care measures included on the Leapfrog Hospital Survey are endorsed by the National Quality Forum, including Early Elective Deliveries, Cesarean Sections, Episiotomy, as well as components of the Processes of Care and High-Risk Deliveries measures.  A selection of these maternity care measures are also utilized by The Joint Commission as part of their Perinatal Care measure set: Early Elective Deliveries, Cesarean Sections, and Antenatal Steroids (a component of the High-Risk Deliveries measure). View Leapfrog Hospital Survey Results here

Only one in five hospitals fully meets Leapfrog's maternity care standards for C-sections, early elective deliveries and episiotomy.

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Fact sheet on Leapfrog's maternity care measures, evidence, and standards

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