Patient Experience of Children and Their Parents

Leapfrog asks hospitals to report the results of their CAHPS Child Hospital Survey. The CAHPS Child Hospital Survey is designed to address the need to assess and improve the experiences of pediatric inpatients and their parents/caregivers.The survey is taken by the parent or guardian reflecting their child’s experience as a patient and their own experience with their child’s hospital stay. Like other CAHPS surveys, this questionnaire focuses on aspects of pediatric inpatient care that are important to patients and their parents, and for which patients and their parents are generally the best source of information.

There are 18 different domains in the CAHPS Child Hospital Survey and Leapfrog publicly report results from all domains. However, a hospital's overall score is based on the following five (5) domains as they represent the five (5) areas where hosptial performance varies the most:

  • Communication with Parents – Communication about your child’s medicines
  • Communication with Parents – Keeping you informed about your child’s care
  • Communication with Children – How well nurses communicate with your child
  • Communication with Children – How well doctors communicate with your child
  • Attention to Safety and Comfort – Preventing mistakes and helping you report concerns

 View Leapfrog Hospital Survey Results here.

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