Safe Practices

Hand Hygiene and Nursing Workforce are two key factors to providing safe care

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Leapfrog asks hospitals to report on their implementation of five of the National Quality Forum (NQF) safe practices that, if adopted, can improve patient safety in health care settings.

The five safe practices on the survey are: Culture of Safety Leadership Structures and Systems, Culture Measurement, Feedback, and Intervention, Risks and Hazards, Nursing Workforce, and Hand Hygiene. 

Each safe practice includes four components: awareness, accountability, ability, and action. Each practice also includes a list of activities that every hospital should accomplish.

Patients should choose a hospital that has all of the safe practices fully implemented in order to achieve a higher likelihood of a safer hospital stay.

This section is one of The Leapfrog Group’s original quality and safety standards. It is publicly reported as Steps to Avoid Harm on Leapfrog's Hospital Ratings Results page.

Fact sheet on Safe Practices evidence, measure and standards

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