WellOK - Northeastern Oklahoma Business Coalition on Health

WellOK - Northeastern Oklahoma Business Coalition on HealthRegional Leader Information

Region: Oklahoma
Covered Counties: Rogers, Tulsa, Washington and Wagoner

Contact: Stan Schwartz, MD
Title: Leader
Address: 1350 S Boulder, Suite 1000, Tulsa, OK 74136
Phone: 918-359-6127
Email: Schwartz@wellok.org

WellOK is a not-for-profit organization of businesses that purchase healthcare. WellOK is dedicated to making each of its members the wisest purchasers of care by focusing on the quality and cost-effectiveness of the care we purchase.

We believe that the clinical quality of care and patient experience quality are major determinants of cost-effectiveness. High quality almost always translates to lower cost. Our goal is to make the quality of care in our region as transparent as possible. Participation in Leapfrog affords us a giant step toward that transparency.

WellOK believes that high-value healthcare helps our businesses run better and makes our community more attractive to growth.


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