Wyoming Business Coalition on Health

Wyoming Business Coalition on HealthRegional Leader Information

Website: www.wyohealth.org
Region: Wyoming, South Dakota
Covered Counties: Wyoming (all counties); South Dakota (Lawrence, Pennington)

Contact: Ryan Jackson
Address: 2021 Clifton Court, Casper, WY 82609
Phone: 307-215-4168​
Email: rjackson@wyohealth.org

WyBCH is a 501(c)3 dedicated to educating and engaging the business community across the state on issues relating to healthcare financing, cost structure and quality.

The main objective is to raise the visibility, viability and sophistication of conversations between employers -- who are the ultimate payers -- and those who deliver and influence the delivery of care.

With just over a half-million people Wyoming spends over $4 billion on healthcare each year. Costs in Wyoming grew 129% between 2000 and 2007 – the fastest in the country. Those employers philosophically committed to providing healthcare benefits continue to do so while feeling more than a bit victimized by an industry that says, "Take it or leave it." Unfortunately, a growing number of employers are choosing to leave it, to drop coverage altogether, or to shift a greater share of the costs to their employees. To stem the growing tide of uninsured and under-insured we must start holding the healthcare system accountable for the cost and quality of services.

Using both negotiation and collaboration with the delivery system, Wyoming businesses can start to pay for appropriate outcomes rather than ineffective services. We can find ways reward those who provide high-quality bundled services designed to treat entire episodes of illness in a coordinated fashion rather than pay for disjointed, individual units of service. We can stop paying for medical errors and reward those who work to improve care. We can stop accepting "Usual and Customary" as a basis for payment and demand transparent pricing based on verifiable cost accounting. We can improve compensation to primary care providers for helping us avoid costly specialty care. We can work with the public health system to emphasize wellness and prevention. We can help all Wyoming citizens be better consumers of healthcare services and we can improve population health.



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