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Many large and small health systems across the country engage all hospitals in their system in completing the Leapfrog Hospital Survey. By securing participation from all facilities, health system leaders can easily benchmark performance, identify high and low performers, and demonstrate their value to employers and purchasers in their community. Leapfrog offers several tools to assist health systems in their completion of the Leapfrog Hospital Survey and analysis of results. Please contact the Help Desk for more information on the offerings below.

  • System Services Package, designed to help system leaders better analyze individual hospitals' performance. This package includes the following: 
Leapfrog Hospital Survey Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade
Spreadsheet containing all hospitals’ security codes (if hospital CEOs complete delegation forms) Spreadsheet containing all hospitals’ usernames and passwords

Survey responses and results in spreadsheet format

  • Initial file based on June 30-ending data
  • Second file based on August 31-ending data
  • Final file based on January 31-ending data

Data in spreadsheet format

  • Initial file of data used in data review period
  • Secondary file containing final scored data and letter grades
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