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2015 Leapfrog Hospital Survey Results Now Available

Thank you for visiting the Leapfrog Hospital Survey Results Website. These results are based on surveys submitted by hospitals across the country that have demonstrated a commitment to transparency by participating in the voluntary Leapfrog Hospital Survey. The survey assesses hospitals on three key areas: how patients fare, resources used in caring for patients, and leadership and structures that promote patient safety.

The Leapfrog Group would like to thank those hospitals that have chosen to respond to the Leapfrog Hospital Survey for their commitment to making information about the safety, quality, and efficiency of their hospital available to the public. We would also like to thank the Regional Roll-Outs who have worked to encourage survey participation among hospitals in their communities. If you find that your hospital is reported as “Declined to Respond” we encourage you to speak with your doctor and hospital administrators, and ask what the hospital is doing to share its quality and safety data with the public.

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Please note: The information on this site is derived from hospitals’ voluntary submissions of The Leapfrog Hospital Survey. This data is derived from third parties, and accordingly Leapfrog disclaims any and all warranties with respect to this data and the Survey. Hospitals that implement these quality, safety, and/or efficiency practices have reported that their internal processes of care include safeguards that may decrease a patient’s probability of receiving poor quality and/or inefficient care. However, no specific representation is made, nor should be implied, nor shall Leapfrog be liable for any and all damages or costs with respect to the use of the data, including but not limited to for any individual patient’s potential or actual outcome by having a procedure performed at these hospitals. A hospital’s placement score does not convey whether its risk-adjusted mortality rate is statistically significantly different from (a) the statewide average or (b) the risk-adjusted mortality rate of any hospital with its score or any other score.