Reports on Hospital Performance

Leapfrog Hospital Survey Report Series Issued in 2017

Each year, The Leapfrog Group asks every adult and free-standing pediatric general acute-care hospital in the U.S. to voluntarily complete the Leapfrog Hospital Survey.

The Leapfrog Group’s standards are updated annually to reflect the latest science and are designed to drive better outcomes for patients. Results are publicly reported by individual bricks-and-mortar hospital. Leapfrog uses the survey data to track and share hospitals’ progress on key issues of safety and quality. 

To present data on aggregate hospital performance on the Survey, Leapfrog has partnered with Castlight Health, an industry leader in providing tools to aid consumers in their health care decision-making. The reports below, released in 2017, feature data reported to the 2016 Leapfrog Hospital Survey.



Maternity Care

Our latest report shows good news and bad news about maternity care in the U.S.: the early elective delivery rate is at an all time low, but unnecessary C-sections and episiotomies are dangerously common. Read more...

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High-Risk Deliveries

Our latest report found that too many high-risk, very-low birth-weight babies are being delivered at hospitals ill-equipped to care for them. Read more...

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Medication Safety

Our latest report includes the first-ever public reporting of hospitals’ use of bar code medication administration (BCMA) to reduce medication errors, as well as reporting on the implementation and efficacy of hospitals’ computer physician order entry (CPOE) systems. Read more...

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Hospital-Acquired Conditions 

Our latest report found that fewer hospital patients are harmed by bedsores and injuries, but more work is needed to protect patients and reduce waste.  Read more...

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