Industry Partners

Leapfrog Partners Advisory Committee

In 2009, Leapfrog formed the Partners Advisory Committee, an exclusive group of national and regional health plans, hospital systems, and enterprise vendors. These organizations advise Leapfrog on key industry trends and collaborate on a number of partner-driven initiatives. 

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Leapfrog Certified Coach Training

For the first time, Leapfrog is offering a Certified Coaches Training for health care consultants, solution providers, and innovation partners who offer services, products, and technology designed to improve patient safety and healthcare quality in the thousands of hospitals nationwide that participate in Leapfrog’s annual voluntary Hospital Survey

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Why partner with us.

Increased transparency and an aggressive push for value are changing health care as we know it. Leapfrog partners with organizations that share our vision for better health care, so that together, we can build a legacy for all Americans of the safest, highest-quality health care in the world.

There are two ways to partner with Leapfrog: join Innovators for Leapfrog or the Leapfrog Partners Advisory Committee

APIC – Leapfrog Consortium

The Leapfrog Group and APIC want to acknowledge the health care innovators who enhance patient outcomes and create a healthier, safer future for all.

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Innovators for Leapfrog

Innovators for Leapfrog (IFL) support Leapfrog’s mission to make "giant leaps for patient safety.” While The Leapfrog Group does not endorse the products, services, and/or technology showcased in the IFL, we encourage you to explore these offerings that support Leapfrog’s work.

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