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Choose a safer hospital.

Some patients think that selecting a doctor is the only choice they get to make. But choosing a hospital could be even more important. Hospitals vary greatly on things like infection rates, surgical errors, and patient injuries.

Your first step in finding the best care for yourself and your family is finding a safer hospital. 

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Find the right one for you.

Now that you’ve found a safe hospital, it’s also important to think about what type of care you might need. Are you getting ready to have a baby? Do you need to find a hospital for surgery?

The information we collect from hospitals can help you make the right choice.

Compare hospitals on what matters to you

Protect yourself.

Even in the best hospitals, mistakes still happen, and people get hurt. But patients and their loved ones can play an important role in ensuring a safer hospital stay. 

Learn what you can do to stay safe in the hospital
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Working on your behalf.

For nearly 20 years, The Leapfrog Group has collected and reported information on hospitals to help people make the best choices about their health care. Leapfrog asks hospitals to share the information people deserve to know, including their performance on maternity care, nursing, and steps they follow to keep patients safe.

Over 2,000 hospitals provide this critical information, but some decline to respond to our annual Survey. If your hospital does not report to the Leapfrog Hospital Survey, ask them why not.

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