Data Accuracy

Leapfrog ASC Survey Results will not be publicly reported until 2020. However, the information collected via the Survey will be used in aggregate in national reports and individual ASC Benchmarking Reports. The accuracy of the data we publish and distribute is of utmost importance. Leapfrog has several protocols in place to ensure the accuracy of our data. Each protocol is described in detail below. 

Affirmation of Accuracy

At the end of each section of the Survey, the facility's administrator, or their designee, completes an Affirmation of Accuracy, affirming that the information the facility has submitted in that section of the Survey is indeed accurate. Leapfrog reserves the right to require documentation before certifying and/or publishing any information collected via the Survey does exercise this right at random.

Data Review Warnings in the Online Survey Tool

Leapfrog’s Online Survey Tool requires facilities to “check for data review warnings” before they are able to submit a Survey. When the facility's administrator, or their designee, clicks this button on the Survey Dashboard, sections that have been completed and affirmed will be scanned for potential data entry errors and inconsistencies. The facility will still be able to submit the Survey, but will be contacted by the Help Desk via email to either (1) correct the error or (2) document that the original response was correct. The data review warning system gives facilities an opportunity to correct potential errors immediately – while they are still in the Online Survey Tool.

If a facility receives a "data review warning," they can either:

  • Review their response and make corrections on the spot. Facilities will need to re-affirm any updated sections before they attempt to submit them again. 
  • Print their “data review warning” and investigate the issue. Facilities are encouraged to contact the Help Desk if they have any questions.

Monthly Data Review

Upon the receipt of a facility’s submitted Leapfrog Hospital Survey, The Leapfrog Group conducts an extensive data review of the quantitative responses submitted in the Survey.

Quantitative responses are assessed using empirically driven, normative data quality standards. The data quality thresholds are constructed with both high and low benchmarks of acceptability. Data quality thresholds for each question are determined from both external data sources (e.g., state quality reports, other national performance measurement entities) and historical Survey data. Applying this review methodology, The Leapfrog Group assigns each response into one of three categories:

  • Category C: The response provided is plausible and within the data quality thresholds; no follow-up is needed on this response.
  • Category B: The response provided is plausible, but it falls outside the data quality thresholds; follow-up is needed on this response.
  • Category A: The response provided is considered implausible, given that the response falls outside of the data quality thresholds and appears to have been provided with the intent to mislead; follow-up is needed on this response.

If a response is categorized in either category B or category A, an e-mail is sent to the facility’s primary Survey contact and network contact (if listed). The e-mail: 1) details responses that Leapfrog would like the facility to review; and 2) asks the facility to re-read the associated Survey questions and specifications, and provide updated responses if needed. Facilities with category A (likely implausible or intentionally misleading) responses are required to either update their initial response with a plausible response or provide a written explanation of their initial response within 30 days. Otherwise, the section containing the category A response is decertified.

The Leapfrog Group conducts this data review monthly throughout the Survey cycle (April 1 – November 30), beginning with Surveys submitted by June 30. In the interim (that is, prior to receipt of a hospital’s response to Leapfrog’s data review e-mail), the original Survey responses are maintained.

When Leapfrog is contacted about a particular Survey response or Leapfrog representatives are made aware of a potential error in reporting, Leapfrog does investigate these concerns and the facility’s Survey is subject to decertification.

Monthly Requests for Documentation

In addition to the pre- and post-submission data review described above, Leapfrog also randomly selects facilities to submit documentation to verify the accuracy of various responses from the Survey. Facilities must respond to the documentation request within 30 days or risk having the section decertified. 

On-site Data Verification

The on-site data verification protocol builds on Leapfrog’s already robust process for reviewing Survey responses, and, at the same time, answers hospitals’ requests for more information on using the Online Survey Tool and Survey Results for quality improvement. Because Leapfrog will not be scoring Survey responses or publishing Survey Results in 2019, ASCs will not be subject to On-site Data Verification. 

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