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Hospital Survey Report

The Leapfrog Group is proud to partner with Castlight Health® to present the findings from the 2014 Leapfrog Hospital Survey.

These findings will be released as a series of reports, each focusing on a different aspect of the Survey: Maternity Care, High-risk Procedures, Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE), Nursing Workforce, and Hand Hygiene.

Featured Report: Final Report

Every year, The Leapfrog Group—a national employer-driven, nonprofit watchdog organization—and its membership of employers and other purchasers as well as business coalitions on health, ask every adult and free-standing pediatric general acute care hospital in the U.S. to voluntarily complete the Leapfrog Hospital Survey. Results are publicly reported at the hospital level, available here.

Leapfrog uses the survey data to track and share hospitals’ progress on issues of importance to health care purchasers and consumers. This includes high-risk surgeries, maternity care, hospital-acquired infections, and other important topics. The Leapfrog Group’s standards are updated annually to reflect the latest science and are designed to drive better outcomes for patients.

Our final report of the series summarizes the key findings from the 2014 Leapfrog Hospital Survey. Scroll down to find the rest of the 2014 Castlight Health Report Series.

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2014 Castlight Health® Report Series

Maternity Care High-risk Procedures CPOE Nursing Workforce Hand Hygiene


Interested in the results of our 2013 Leapfrog Hospital Survey? Download the full report and executive summary.


Theses reports were prepared by Castlight Health® for The Leapfrog Group.