Competitive Benchmarking

Leapfrog's Competitive Benchmarking Reports (see a sample) summarize and benchmark hospitals' Leapfrog Hospital Survey Results. The reports are designed to help hospitals present their survey results in an easy-to-understand format to engage multiple stakeholder groups, including medical staff, administrators, front-line caregivers, and boards of directors. In addition to summarizing performance on over 20 national measures of safety, quality, and efficiency, the reports can also be used to highlight areas of excellence and identify areas for improvement.

Reports utilize data collected from over 1,900 hospitals across the country and are calculated based on the Leapfrog Value-Based Purchasing Program Methodology. Report data is updated twice yearly in September and February. Reports ordered between September and January will utilize Leapfrog Hospital Survey data as of August 31. Reports ordered in February and later will utilize Leapfrog Hospital Survey data as of the January 31 final deadline. Reports from previous Survey years are also available. Reports can be purchased through the online store.

All hospitals that complete a survey by June 30th are eligible to receive a free summary report, which is emailed to all hospital CEOs in mid-September. For more detailed, comparative performance information, hospitals can purchase a report that compares critical aspects of care provided to that at other Leapfrog Hospital Survey-participating hospitals.

How does your hospital compare?

Gain additional insight on your Leapfrog Hospital Survey performance

  Free Summary Report* Basic Basic Plus Report Premium Report
  Sample Report Sample Report Sample Report Sample Report
Your hospital's Value Score
Average Value Score across all hospitals nationwide
Your hospital's domain scores and national averages for each domain included in the Leapfrog VBP Program methodology
Average Value Score for hospitals in your state  
Distribution of Value Scores nationwide  
Scores for each individual Survey measure, including scores for your hospital, the state average, and the national average    
Measure weights to illustrate the weight of each measure and how each measure impacted your overall Value Score    
Quartile rankings for each domain included in the Leapfrog VBP Program methodology    
PowerPoint presentation to share with Board and staff    
Comparison to previous year's survey results to show changes in performance by measure      
Custom cohorts to compare your hospital's performance to a custom group of hospitals, including bed size, region, or teaching facility status      
PRICE Free $445 $545 $595

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* Free summary reports are only available to hospitals completing a Leapfrog Hospital Survey by June 30th. Hospital CEOs can expect to receive reports by email in mid-September; hospitals that have not received their free summary report should contact the Help Desk for assistance.



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