Important Notes

  1. The Leapfrog ASC Survey web pages are located at Please bookmark this URL. ASCs will not be able to log in to the Online Survey until April 1.
  2. Ambulatory surgery centers reporting on Section 4B NHSN Outpatient Procedure Module are required to join Leapfrog’s NHSN Group. More information, including instructions and important deadlines, is available on the Join NHSN Group webpage.

  3. Leapfrog will not score Survey responses or publicly report individual ASC Survey Results in 2019. However, participating ASCs will receive a free individual benchmarking report. For ASCs that submit a Survey by June 30, this benchmarking report will be available to view in September via the ASC Details Page on the Survey Dashboard. Leapfrog plans to score Survey responses and publicly report individual ASC Survey Results in 2020.

  4. All questions and feedback regarding the Leapfrog ASC Survey should be submitted to the Help Desk at Questions submitted to the Help Desk will receive a response within 24-48 hours.

  5. Leapfrog is committed to ensuring the accuracy of Leapfrog ASC Survey Results. Please review the information on the Data Accuracy webpage.

  6. The 2019 Leapfrog ASC Survey will close on November 30, 2019. ASCs that do not submit a Survey before midnight Eastern Time on November 30, 2019 will not be able to participate until the launch of the 2020 Survey on April 1, 2020.


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