Pre-Submission Checklist

  1. Make sure you have a 16-digit security code. If you don’t, visit Get a Security Code to complete a Security Code Request Form.
  2. Download a hard copy of the survey and review supporting materials in Survey and CPOE Materials. Read through the entire survey document, which includes measure specifications, to ensure that you understand what information is required.
  3. Review the reference information in each section of the survey document and download other supporting materials. These documents and tools contain information that you will need to accurately respond to the survey questions. 
  4. Identify individuals from your hospital to help you gather the data you will need to complete the various sections of the survey.
  5. Complete a hard copy of the survey before you log into the online survey tool. This will expedite the online survey tool completion and avoid the online survey tool "timing out" after 20 minutes of idle time (a security precaution). Once all of the information has been collected and recorded in the hard copy of the survey, the CEO or his/her designee can typically complete the survey online in less than 60 minutes from the hardcopy record. Responses can only be submitted using the online survey tool.
  6. Download and review a copy of the Quick Start Guide. This document includes important instructions on how to navigate the new online survey tool, including how to affirm and submit sections.
  7. Review survey submission deadlines. Always be sure to check survey deadlines before you begin. Ensure that you have enough time to collect the data, complete the hard copy of the survey, and complete and submit the online survey. In addition, for adult hospitals that have CPOE in at least one inpatient unit, make sure you have enough time to take a CPOE Evaluation Tool. For hospitals reporting on Section 7B Healthcare-Associated Infections, make sure you have joined Leapfrog's NHSN Group by the appropriate deadline. 
  8. Review Leapfrog's policies and procedures regarding data accuracy. Detailed information can be found here.


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