Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade

The Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade is the only hospital rating focused exclusively on hospital safety. Its A, B, C, D or F letter grades are a quick way for consumers to choose the safest hospital to seek care. 

Upwards of 200,000 people die annually due to preventable mistakes in hospitals, according to the Journal of Patient Safety. To draw attention to this epidemic, in 2012 The Leapfrog Group decided to expand its focus beyond employers to reach consumers directly. Out of this vision came the Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade, a letter grade rating of how safe hospitals are for patients. The Safety Grade provides consumers with the critical information on how likely they are to experience accidents, injuries, errors or harm while in the hospital. 

How the Safety Grade Keeps it Simple for Users

Updated twice per year, the score regularly garners attention from consumer media and shines a spotlight on the patient safety records of hospitals in local communities.

Data users of the Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade value its simplicity and easy-to-understand letter grade rating system. The score is used by dozens of national and regional health plans as well as vendors to educate their users on the importance of choosing a safer hospital. Contact us to access a sample data set.

More resources on hospital safety, including tips for talking to your doctor and videos on how to stay safe, are available on the Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade website.

Looking for an easy tool to inform your users about hospital safety?


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