Survey and CPOE Materials

Hard Copy

The hard copy of the Survey contains important information that you will need to accurately respond to Survey questions and must be used to collect the information you will need to complete the Online Hospital Survey Tool. The questions in the hard copy of the Survey match the Online Hospital Survey Tool exactly, so responses can be recorded on the hard copy of the Survey and then entered into the Online Hospital Survey Tool.


2024 Leapfrog Hospital Survey (PDF)


2024 Leapfrog Hospital Survey (Word)


The hard copy of the Survey includes:

  • Survey Questions and Endnotes
  • Reporting Periods
  • Measure Specifications
  • Frequently Asked Questions 


The Summary of Changes to the 2024 Leapfrog Hospital Survey published in March 2024 is available here.


Any changes to the 2024 Leapfrog Hospital Survey that are published after April 1 will be listed here:



Other Supporting Materials

The following documents provide critical information that you will need to complete the Leapfrog Hospital Survey. Please review each document carefully before you begin.

Section Materials

Section 1: Patient Rights and Ethics

Section 1C: Health Care Equity

American Hospital Association Health Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Measures and Resources


CMS Inventory of Resources for Standardized Demographic and Language Collection

AHA Institute for Diversity and Health Equity Data Collection, Stratification, and Use Toolkit


Section 1D: Informed Consent

AHRQ Training Module

CMS Toolkit for Making Written Material Clear

Section 2: Medication Safety

Section 2A: Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE)


Medication Reconciliation Implementation Toolkit (free)

The MARQUIS Collaborative (fee)

Taking a Good Medication History Video

Section 3: Adult and Pediatric Complex Surgery

Sections 3A: Hospital and Surgeon Volume

CPT Code Workbook available via Online Survey Tool


Section 3B: Safe Surgery Checklist for Adult and Pediatric Complex Procedures

Section 4: Maternity Care 

Sections 4A-4D

CMQCC Instructions


Section 4E: High-Risk Deliveries 

VON Data Sharing Authorization


Other Important Resources

AHRQ Toolkits To Reduce Hypertension in Pregnancy and Obstetric Hemorrhage

Section 6: Patient Safety Practices

Sections 6A-6B: NQF Safe Practices


Section 6B: NQF Safe Practice #2 – Culture Measurement, Feedback, and Intervention


Section 6E: Diagnostic Excellence

Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) Toolkit for Exploring Diagnostic Quality

Section 7: Managing Serious Errors

Section 7A: Never Events

CANDOR Toolkit

RCA2 Improving Root Cause Analyses and Actions to Prevent Harm


PACT Driver Diagram

PACT Process Map

PACT Communication Tip Sheet

PACT Patient & Family Pathway


Section 7B: Healthcare-Associated Infections 

Instructions and FAQs for Joining Leapfrog's NHSN Group

AHRQ Toolkit for Improving Surgical Care and Recovery

AHRQ Toolkit for Preventing CLABSI and CAUTI in ICUs

AHRQ Toolkit for Reducing CAUTI in Hospitals

AHRQ Toolkit for Reducing CLABSI

AHRQ Resource for MRSA Prevention

Universal Decolonization:  An Enhanced Protocol

AHRQ Toolkit for Reduction of Clostridium difficile Infections Through Antimicrobial Stewardship

Section 8: Pediatric Care

Section 8B: Pediatric Computed Tomography (CT) Radiation Dose

Section 9: Outpatient Procedures 

Section 9C: Volume of Procedures

CPT Code Workbook available via Online Survey Tool


Section 9D: Safe Surgery Checklist for Adult and Pediatric Outpatient Procedures


Section 9E: Medication Safety

Leapfrog Hospital Survey Binder

The Leapfrog Hospital Survey Binder document is available for use by all hospitals to collect, organize, and record information during the completion of the Leapfrog Hospital Survey. The document can be printed and placed in a binder. The information is helpful when completing subsequent years' Surveys, in staff and leadership transitions, and as a historical record. The use of the binder also acquaints hospitals with the elements of Leapfrog’s verification protocols.


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