How Our Ratings Are Used

Leapfrog Survey results are used to educate consumers and purchasers about the quality and safety of hospitals in their community so that they can choose the best hospital for their care. When patients have the opportunity to choose a hospital in advance of a procedure, such as for maternity care or a high-risk procedure, they are highly encouraged to consult Leapfrog ratings and speak with their doctor about hospitals available to them. But because an emergency could strike at any time, consumers are also encouraged to consult Leapfrog ratings as well as the Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade to educate themselves on the care offered by their local hospitals to be prepared when a hospital is needed. 

Hospitals that voluntarily submit their data to the Leapfrog Hospital Survey are to be commended for their commitment to transparency and educating their patients about the quality and safety of the care they provide. Patients should be concerned if they see their local hospital has declined to respond to the Survey and is thereby withholding critical information from their community that is available nowhere else. 

In addition to publicly reporting the results of the Leapfrog Hospital Survey on its hospital ratings page, Leapfrog and other entities use the Survey results in several ways:

Please note the Leapfrog ASC Survey results are now published for 2020.

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