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Welcome to the 2021 Leapfrog Hospital Survey. Whether you are taking a Survey for the first time, or you have taken a Survey for several years, here is some important information to help you get started. 


Information about the Survey Web Pages

The information on these web pages is organized into five main topics: Get Started (you are on this topic now), Deadlines, Survey and CPOE Materials, Scoring and Results, and Get Help. Under each of these five main topics, we have included several sub-topics where hospitals can find related information and materials. Please take a few minutes to explore the Survey webpages. 


Online Hospital Survey Tool

Log in to the Online Hospital Survey Tool with your 16-digit security code at Before you log in to the Online Hospital Survey Tool for the first time, please review How to Use the Online Survey Tool guide.

Download iconDownload the How to Use the Online Survey Tool guide



Technical Support for Hospitals

Leapfrog offers several opportunities for hospitals to learn about the content of the Survey, as well as the logistics involved in submitting a Survey and CPOE Evaluation Tool. Each year we host several Town Hall Calls where we will detail content and scoring changes to the Survey and review important deadlines. Following the Town Hall Calls, we will post the recordings and slide decks on the registration page.

Leapfrog also offers a monthly technical assistance call, the Leapfrog Hospital Survey Webinar Series, for hospitals that may be new to the Survey or want more interactive explanations of the Survey content and materials. The Webinar Series meets from March to December. Each monthly call focuses on a particular topic ranging from the CPOE Evaluation Tool to new Survey sections (i.e. Nurse Staffing and Skill Mix) to in-depth reviews of our scoring algorithms. Learn more.  

Hospitals are encouraged to contact our Help Desk for any questions regarding the Survey. The Help Desk is staffed from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET on regular business days. Help Desk tickets are responded to within 1-2 business days. More information is available on the Get Help page. 


Data Accuracy

Leapfrog is committed to ensuring the accuracy of the Leapfrog Hospital Survey Results. Take a minute to review our pre-and post-submission protocols on the Data Accuracy webpage.


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