Scoring and Results

Download icon2020 Hospital Scoring Algorithms (version 2, Updated May 18, 2020)


The scoring algorithms document contains important information about how your responses to each section of the Survey are scored and publicly reported. The document includes cut-points for process and outcome measures, as well as scoring details and criteria for each of Leapfrog's performance categories (e.g., Achieved the Standard, Considerable Achievement, Some Achievement, Limited Achievement, etc.). 

Any changes to the 2020 Leapfrog Hospital Survey Scoring Algorithms that are published after April 1 will be listed here.

May 18, 2020:

  • Section 4E Process Measures of Quality Scoring Change - Leapfrog originally announced scoring and publicly reporting Newborn Bilirubin Screening Prior to Discharge and Appropriate DVT Prophylaxis in Women Undergoing Cesarean Delivery separately in 2020. However, this change has been delayed to allow for easier comparison between 2019 and 2020 Leapfrog Hospital Survey Results, which will both be publicly reported as part of Leapfrog’s response to COVID-19. The two maternity care process measures will be scored and publicly reported together as they have been in previous years. Please refer to the updated scoring algorithm on page 16.

April 13, 2020:

  • Section 10E Medication Safety for Outpatient Procedures - Scoring reflects updated definition of a ‘sufficient sample size’ from 60 to 30 cases. This update is intended to ease the burden of data abstraction while facilities are responding to COVID-19.

Hospital Details Page

Currently, the Hospital Details Page shows results from the 2019 Leapfrog Hospital Survey. Generally, hospitals that submit by June 30 are able to preview their Survey Results on the Hospital Details page beginning on July 12. However, in 2020, as part of Leapfrog’s COVID-19 response, Leapfrog will not publicly report Survey Results until September for hospitals that submit by August 31. The Hospital Details page will be available on the same day that Survey Results are published. See Hospital Details page for more information.


Leapfrog Hospital Survey Results

2020 Leapfrog Hospital Survey Results will be first published in September and will be refreshed within the first 5 business days of each month thereafter to reflect Surveys submitted or re-submitted between September 1 and December 31, and previously submitted Surveys that are corrected by January 31. Survey Results are frozen from February to July 25.

2019 Survey Results

Results from the 2019 Leapfrog Hospital Survey are currently available.  

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