Leapfrog Hospital Survey

The information on hospital performance collected through the Leapfrog Hospital Survey is unique and unavailable anywhere else. Unlike many other data sources, Leapfrog's data is available by individual bricks-and-mortar facility, providing a robust data set unlike any other. Contact us to access a sample data set.

    Why Leapfrog Data Matters: Maternity Care

    The Leapfrog Hospital Survey includes:

    • C-section rates, rates of early elective deliveries, rates of episiotomy, and high-risk delivery capabilities
    • Practices for safer health care, including hand hygiene, nursing workforce, culture of safety, leadership pertaining to safety and teamwork training
    • Safe surgical volumes for high-risk surgeries 
    • ICU staffing to reduce mortality
    • Infection rates for hospital-acquired infections
    • Hospitals' Never Events policies
    • Use of bar code technology to reduce medication errors

    Driven by Purchasers

    In 1999, the Institute of Medicine reported that nearly 98,000 Americans were dying annually due to medical errors. In response, a group of large employers gather to form The Leapfrog Group.

    Their goal? To collect data that ensures they are receiving the best possible value for their employees' health benefits and to drive giant leaps forward in hospital safety, quality and transparency.

    Together with leading hospital safety and quality researchers, physicians and academics, they developed the Leapfrog Hospital Survey. Twenty years later, over 2,200 hospitals participate in the annual Survey.  

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