Arrowsight was conceived 20+ years ago as a way to improve safety in multiple industries by providing 3rd Party Remote Video Coaching Services using strategically placed video cameras in work areas and providing timely performance feedback via short coaching videos and statistical performance reports, much in the same way that professional sports teams use game film to coach athletes and prepare for upcoming games. Now this same, time tested and proven technology can be deployed to help you meet the Leapfrog Hand Hygiene Standard by using strategically placed video cameras to capture hand hygiene opportunities and events, providing the information and reports needed to help meet the Standard.

Not an e-monitoring system but rather “a remote third party direct observation solution”, our program has been reviewed by Leapfrog and our Protocol will take you through the Monitoring Domain questions step by step and help you meet the Standard requirements of up to 200 direct observations per unit, per month, for a fraction of the cost of most E Monitoring Systems. Click here to learn more and let us show you how it works soon!


1. Affordable way to automate direct observation without burdening staff. 2. Costs significantly less than most e-monitoring systems. 3. Provides actionable data and reports to help drive staff improvement
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