Consulting and Advisory Services

Executive and Board advisory solutions drive organizational success and prioritize patient safety. Addresses strategy, growth, compliance, succession planning, access to capital, and turnaround services to ensure ongoing viability.
Specializes in building hospital and physician partnerships, driving quality improvement, and advancing managed care agreements. Accelerates the success of outpatient facilities while ensuring patient safety and delivering affordable, high-quality care.
The SURFrx program is led by experts, and through custom evaluation and strategy, we help you remain compliant by leveraging UVC surface and air disinfection technologies
Enhance patient safety through operational efficiency. Drive cost savings and optimize supply chain management, leverage predictive analytics and operational dashboards to support workforce productivity, all while meeting patient needs.
Assessment, education, and improvement strategies are individualized to address your quality, safety, regulatory, care management, & patient experience needs. Our team of experts provide strategic support at the organizational or service line level.
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