GOJO Industries, Inc.

GOJO Industries helps the world experience greater health and wellness by leveraging our more than 75 years of experience to continually introduce improved ways to keep hands, and the surfaces they frequently touch, clean. The clearest example of this commitment is our PURELL® brand – a badge of hand and surface hygiene that is implicitly trusted in hospitals, restaurants, schools, businesses, airports, entertainment venues, and homes throughout the world. That clear focus paired with three generations of family leadership willing to continually invest in our business allows us to create true sustainable value that benefits society and continue our growth trajectory. For more information on GOJO Industries, please visit GOJO.com.

This flexible technology gives hospitals 1 reporting mechanism to measure multiple monitoring methods. Include service alerts to increase efficiency, save time & reduce product waste. Plus, live or virtual expert help is available throughout your journey.
The only healthcare sanitizer proven to meet FDA requirements in a single dose, from America’s #1 brand of hand sanitizer.
Patented energy source eliminates battery change-outs, delivering a 68% reduction in battery waste & a 15% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Easily monitor product levels at a glance & upgrade to hand hygiene monitoring at any time.
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