Hand Hygiene

According to the World Health Organization, appropriate hand hygiene prevents up to 50% of avoidable infections acquired during health care delivery. Infection risk can be minimized with comprehensive methods, effective equipment, and careful monitoring.

A mobile application for delivering fun and interactive education to children on the why, how, and when of hand hygiene.
The SureWash ELITE is a height adjustable cart-based hand hygiene training device. It can be left on-site to encourage staff to complete training and assessment in their own time.
Focusing on hand hygiene, environmental care, and infection control, we help you identify and develop process improvement initiatives and individualize services to support you in providing quality care for your communities.
The most accurate, easy-to-use and cost effective hand hygiene monitoring solution available. Built-in artificial intelligence to mimic typical healthcare staff workflow.
SwipeSense's Hand Hygiene offering helps health care facilities reduce hospital acquired infections and create a safer environment for both patients and staff.
Hand Hygiene Monitoring System that is agnostic to any dispenser and monitors hand hygiene individually. Real data that staff can act on to increase HH compliance
The only healthcare sanitizer proven to meet FDA requirements in a single dose, from America’s #1 brand of hand sanitizer.
CenTrak’s comprehensive RTLS platform collects all hand hygiene events and identifies opportunities for improvement. View compliance data at the hospital, departmental, role, and individual levels.
The Ecolab Hand Hygiene Program for Hospitals provides a comprehensive approach to improve handwashing, reduce hospital acquired infections (HAIs) and elevate hand hygiene observation through an electronic hand hygiene compliance monitoring system.
Dial is the #1 Dr. recommended antibacterial hand soap brand. Our products are gentle on skin and tough on bacteria. We offer a full portfolio of dispensed and refillable hand soaps and hand sanitizers.
1. Affordable way to automate direct observation without burdening staff. 2. Costs significantly less than most e-monitoring systems. 3. Provides actionable data and reports to help drive staff improvement
The SureWash GO is a lightweight, portable hand hygiene training system. As it is in its own self-contained case, it is easy to set-up and move between sites/departments.
A leading hand hygiene training mobile application that teaches staff, patients, and visitors the best in class WHO hand hygiene technique.
Patented energy source eliminates battery change-outs, delivering a 68% reduction in battery waste & a 15% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Easily monitor product levels at a glance & upgrade to hand hygiene monitoring at any time.
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