SureWash uses technology to teach the how, why and when to perform hand hygiene. Their fun and interactive training devices have a live video camera to assess the users hand hygiene technique. To help users improve their technique, real-time feedback is also provided throughout the training. To support this learning, customizable training on further IPC content is also accessible through the lesson and quiz function.

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The SureWash ELITE is a height adjustable cart-based hand hygiene training device. It can be left on-site to encourage staff to complete training and assessment in their own time.
SureWash.Net is a highly secure audited training record for internal use and regulatory bodies. All hand hygiene training data from SureWash systems is accessible on the SureWash.Net reporting portal.
The SureWash GO is a lightweight, portable hand hygiene training system. As it is in its own self-contained case, it is easy to set-up and move between sites/departments.
A mobile application for delivering fun and interactive education to children on the why, how, and when of hand hygiene.
A leading hand hygiene training mobile application that teaches staff, patients, and visitors the best in class WHO hand hygiene technique.
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