Setting the industry standard by achieving 99.9999% disinfection in less time and labor, Surfacide® maximizes the power of UVC disinfection in a proven, simple-to-use, and easily transported 3-emitter system. Learn more at 
The Surfacide Helios UV-C system is a low-level disinfectant device which reduces, but does not completely eliminate, environmental microorganisms as an adjunct to existing cleaning practices.
Surfacide’s GLŌ Patient Experience Program simultaneously improves disinfection efficacy in hospital environments and patient experience scores around cleanliness.
The SURFrx program is led by experts, and through custom evaluation and strategy, we help you remain compliant by leveraging UVC surface and air disinfection technologies.
PathTrac™ Clinical Decision Support Software identifies breakdowns to help reduce surgical site infections by focusing on optimizing the 4 core pillars of infection control: hand hygiene, environmental cleaning, vascular care, and patient decolonization.
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