Workforce Engagment

Cutting-edge software and artificial intelligence (AI) can be useful for lifting the burden of some administrative tasks from clinicians and getting the entire care team on the same page.

DAX Copilot is an AI-powered, voice-enabled solution that relieves clinicians from administrative burdens. It automatically documents patient encounters accurately and efficiently with note delivery in seconds.
The Microsoft Viva Glint platform helps organizations improve engagement and performance with recommended actions and data-driven insights from surveys across the employee lifecycle.
Employee engagement & educational support for individuals, service lines, and leadership development. Offerings are customized to your area of need to advance your organization forward. An accredited provider by the ANCC.
The Viva Glint patient safety survey empowers caregivers to help improve patient safety. It's a reliable instrument and among the most concise Leapfrog-approved surveys.
The Microsoft Viva Engage platform brings everyone in your organization together, empowering people to connect with their leaders and coworkers, helping them find belonging.
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