High-Risk Deliveries

In medicine, like in life, practice makes perfect.


Finding a hospital where staff has ample experience caring for very vulnerable newborns is key to receiving the best care. Many expectant mothers have medical conditions that put them at risk for delivering a baby prematurely. If this happens, infants may need specialized care.

When infants are born weighing less than 1500 grams (3 pounds, 4.91 ounces), they must be cared for in a NICU with proven capacity to care for them. Research suggests that these very-vulnerable babies are more likely to survive and thrive if they are born in a hospital that has an experienced NICU available on-site. In cases of potentially high-risk deliveries, mothers should choose a hospital that has a NICU with proven capacity. Patients who are unsure whether they may have a high‐risk delivery should speak with their provider.

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