Environmental Care

Patients are at risk for healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) while in the hospital environment. Safe, sterile equipment, surfaces, and air are crucial to prevent these potentially dangerous infections.

Tablets added to water are effective against a broad range of critical pathogens, including C. diff. They can replace all disinfectant products, streamlining your workflow.
Our equipment drapes provide innovative procedure and device-specific solutions to help reduce the risks of infectious disease transmission, protect healthcare workers and improve clinical outcomes. For more than two decades, we have delivered procedure a
The Ecolab Patient Room Program helps you proactively protect patients and staff from C. diff and other hospital acquired infections (HAIs), ensure compliance and protect margins with consistent hospital patient room cleaning procedures.
The Splashblocker is an engineering barrier control that blocks plume coming out of the hospital toilet mitigating patient and healthcare worker exposure to viruses, bacteria and hazardous drugs that are aerosolized upon flushing.
Alcohol-based, dye-free and fragrance-free waterless hand sanitizer formula with Vitamins B3 and E, designed for repeated use. Clinically proven to nourish the skin’s moisture barrier and less drying than leading foam sanitizer.
One-step disinfectant for use in hospitals that is effective against C. diff, Candida auris and a broad spectrum of other organisms. Its non-bleach formula is compatible with a wide range of materials and helps standardize and simplify cleaning processes.
The RD UVC system uses patented UVC sensors that measure, record and report the delivered does to targeted areas of interest for proof of compliance.
Ensures organizations achieve compliance and certification for accreditations and associations. Focusing on hand hygiene, environmental care, and infection control, we individualize services to support you in providing quality care for your communities.
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