Hospital Safety Grade Archival Report

Compare your current Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade to previous grades:

  • Reports include all of the source data used in calculating your hospital’s Safety Grade for the spring and fall rounds included in the years you select below. 
  • A drop-down menu to select the year you'd like for your report will appear after selecting your hospital's name.
  • Reports are available for previous rounds of the Hospital Safety Grade dating back to 2021. Please contact the Help Desk if you would like earlier reports. 

In addition to the letter grade received each grading period, these reports show your hospital’s performance on each individual measure included in the Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade along with the national mean for each measure. This information can be used by hospitals to understand grade changes and target areas for improvement.

With your report order, you will receive:

  • Hospital Safety Grade Calculators for each round included in the years you select
  • Hospital Safety Grade Scoring Methodology for each round included in the years you select
  • Explanation of Safety Grades for each round included in the years you select

As an example, if you select 2021-2022 the report would include Spring 2021 Safety Grade, Fall 2021 Safety Grade, Spring 2022 Safety Grade, and Fall 2022 Safety Grade data.

Reports will be sent by email within 5-7 business days. 

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