Hospital Survey Webinar Series

In response to many requests from hospitals, Leapfrog now hosts a Hospital Survey Webinar Series (formerly known as the Hospital Survey Users Group). For an annual fee of $345 per user, hospitals will have access to all Webinar Series participant benefits for one Survey Cycle (March-December). Hospitals that join the Webinar Series will have access to:

  • Topical monthly technical assistance presentations
    • Topics will include changes to Leapfrog's online Survey platform, changes to scoring algorithms, an overview of new measures, utilizing Leapfrog results in your market, etc.
    • 20 minutes for Q&A
  • Special webinars and presentations on Leapfrog standards
  • Presentations by Leapfrog's Expert Panel members

Please Note: The $345 membership fee is per user. Hospitals/Systems that would like to have multiple individuals participate in the Hospital Survey Webinar Series should complete separate registration forms and submit payment for each individual they would like to have participate.

A registration link for the webinar will be sent electronically to the user.


The 2022 Hospital Survey Webinar Series schedule is now available.


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