CMS Announces Continued Public Reporting of PSI 90 and Commitment to Transparency

August 2, 2022

Thank you for supporting our campaign in June opposing the CMS plan to suppress public reporting on PSI 90, a composite of ten serious preventable errors that kill 25,000 hospitalized patients each year. Leapfrog is pleased to announce that the outcome is better than we could have hoped. In the final rule issued yesterday, CMS announced that they no longer plan to suppress reporting of PSI 90. What’s more, they offer powerful support for transparency and suggest we will not see proposals for data suppression in the future. The agency explained that they found an alternative way to calculate PSI-90 without the confounding influence of Covid-19.

The leadership of CMS have long championed transparency and put patient safety at the top of the national agenda—which is why the proposed rule was so disappointing to us. CMS faces political realities that make transparency more difficult than it should be. Your voices last month helped change that political reality. With this final rule those CMS leaders stood true to their values and pledged to work for the benefit of patients and the public. 

A full summary analysis of the Inpatient Prospective Payment System final rule and how it pertains to our submitted comments on PSI 90 and other areas can be found here

Media Statement 

The Leapfrog Group applauds CMS for finding a way to continue the public reporting of some of the most dangerous medical and surgical complications that happen in hospitals, known as CMS PSI 90. In their discussion of the final rule, we were gratified to hear CMS reinforce their longstanding commitment to transparency and patient safety. We thank CMS for their leadership—for listening to and championing patients and families, patient safety advocates, employers, purchasers, clinicians, and all Americans who are deeply concerned about patient safety.   

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