Ellen Stovall, Cancer Advocate and former Leapfrog Board Member, Passes Away

January 14, 2016

Ellen Stovall, cancer advocateLeapfrog is saddened to hear of the death of Ellen Stovall, the president of the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship, and longtime advocate and champion for cancer survivors. Called “the patient voice before we coined the term,” Ellen fought to make cancer treatment and prevention an urgent national priority, and to underscore the patient experience above all else. In addition to serving on Leapfrog’s Board of Directors, Ellen was a founding member of the National Cancer Policy Forum, and the vice chairwoman of the National Advisory Committee to Promote Excellence in Care at the End of Life, an initiative of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

We admire her tenacity of spirit, her passion and drive. She will be sorely missed.

To learn more about Ellen’s life and remarkable contributions to cancer care and advocacy, please read this piece in the New York Times.



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