The Leapfrog Group Announces Three New Board Members

September 26, 2023

The Leapfrog Group, a national watchdog organization of employers and other purchasers focused on health care safety and quality, today announced the election of three new members to its board of directors: Janet Lucas-Taylor, Senior Director Employee Benefits, Northwestern Mutual; Susan Sheridan, MIM, MBA, Founding Member, Patients for Patient Safety; and Karen van Caulil, PhD, President & CEO, Florida Alliance for Healthcare Value.  

“Leapfrog is proud to welcome these exceptional leaders to service on our Board,” said Michelle Martin, Leapfrog Board Chair. “Janet Lucas-Taylor and Karen van Caulil are among the most visionary employer voices in the country, and Susan Sheridan brings an international reputation as an activist and changemaker for patients and their families. These three new Board members have been part of Leapfrog for many years, and they are deeply respected by all of us for their effectiveness, expertise, and talent. We are fortunate to have them join our Board, where we will count on their leadership to accelerate our strong growth.”

Janet Lucas-Taylor, Senior Director Employee Benefits, Northwestern Mutual

Janet Lucas-Taylor, Senior Director Employee Benefits at Northwestern Mutual, has nearly three decades of industry experience and is a health care benefits executive known for her commitment to creating value in employee benefits. She is particularly passionate about changing how health care is delivered and paid for and advocating for increased health care data use. She currently serves on the Leapfrog National Panel of Employer Benefits Innovators and on the Low Value Taskforce, a cross functional group of providers, employers and health care data experts focused on reducing low value care in the state of Wisconsin.

"I am honored to accept a position on The Leapfrog Group board of directors, a dedicated community of health care leaders committed to driving transformative change in patient safety and quality. Together, we can work to create a reality where every patient receives the highest standard of care, and every health care system prioritizes transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement. I am excited to contribute my expertise and work alongside this exceptional group in shaping the future of health care."

Susan Sheridan, MIM, MBA, Founding Member, Patients for Patient Safety

For nearly 30 years, Susan Sheridan has been advocating for increased transparency in health care and improved patient safety, including most recently serving on a work group advising President Biden on patient safety through the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST). Sheridan became involved in patient safety after her family experienced two serious medical system failures. Her expertise includes intersectional work with the World Health Organization (WHO), the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, and other initiatives before founding Patients for Patient Safety. Sheridan is also the co-chair of Leapfrog’s Patient and Family Expert Panel.

“It is an honor to join The Leapfrog Group board of directors to ensure that patient safety, transparency and equity remain a top priority for our nation.  Drawing on my past experience in patient safety, I have always admired the courage and the bold actions of The Leapfrog Group’s leadership and staff to ensure that patients and families receive the safe, equitable care that they deserve.”

Karen van Caulil, PhD, President & CEO, Florida Alliance for Healthcare Value

Karen van Caulil is the longtime leader of the Florida Alliance for Healthcare Value, a coalition made up of large Florida employers working to improve the quality of health care delivered throughout the state. The Alliance is formally recognized as a Leapfrog Regional Leader for the state of Florida.  A respected leader in employer health benefits strategy and health data analytics, Dr. van Caulil represents the Florida Alliance’s mission and work locally, regionally and nationally, actively serving on numerous boards, advisory committees, and workgroups for organizations such as the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions, Catalyst for Payment Reform, Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration, Get the Medications Right Institute, the Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine, and many others.

“I am deeply honored to join The Leapfrog Group’s Board of Directors. Now more than ever, employers and health care purchasers are demanding full transparency and accountability in health care to ensure that their workforce is receiving the best care from the best providers. I eagerly anticipate engaging with Leapfrog’s dedicated staff and influential board members to champion our collective mission of improving safety and quality in health care.” 


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