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May 1, 2024
For the first time, Leapfrog ranks metro areas on patient safety performance
April 9, 2024
Leading health care organizations unite to highlight hospitals excelling in both patient safety and price transparency, signaling a call to action for industry improvement
March 27, 2024
The Leapfrog Group today released Recognizing Excellence in Diagnosis: Leapfrog’s National Pilot Survey Report, which analyzes responses from 95 hospitals on their implementation of recommended practices to address diagnostic errors, defined as delayed, wrong or missed diagnoses or diagnoses not effectively communicated to the patient or family. The National Academy of Medicine has warned that virtually every American will suffer the consequences of a diagnostic error at least once in their lifetime and noted that 250,000 hospital inpatients will experience a diagnostic error every year.
March 20, 2024
The American Diabetes Association® (ADA) and The Leapfrog Group announced the first hospitals to receive national designation as Recognized Leaders in Caring for People Living with Diabetes.
March 20, 2024
Each year, The Leapfrog Group’s research team reviews the literature and convenes national expert panels to ensure the Leapfrog Hospital and ASC Surveys align with the latest science and the public reporting needs of purchasers and consumers. Once the list of proposed changes is assembled for next year’s Survey, Leapfrog releases that list for public comment. The public comments received are then reviewed by Leapfrog’s research team, the Survey is pilot tested with a diverse group of hospitals across the country, and content and scoring are finalized for launch on April 1.
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