Greater Philadelphia Business Coalition on Health

Regional Leader Information

Region: Pennsylvania - Greater Philadelphia
Covered Counties: Pennsylvania (Phila, Bucks, Montgomery, Chester, Delaware); Delaware (all counties)

Contact: Jill Hutt
Title: Vice President of Member Services
Address: 123 South Broad Street, Suite 1235 Philadelphia, PA 19109
Phone: 215-800-1066 

The Greater Philadelphia Business Coalition on Health (GPBCH), established in the fall of 2011, represents the employer community in working with health plans, health care providers, and other system stakeholders to improve the value of health benefit spending for its members, by improving healthcare quality and safety and reducing health care costs. GPBCH is a membership organization open to employers located in, or having a significant employed population in, the Greater Philadelphia region: Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks, Delaware and Chester Counties in Pennsylvania; Camden, Burlington and Gloucester Counties in New Jersey, and all three counties in Delaware. Affiliated memberships are open to all individuals and organizations working with, or on behalf of, employers in the Coalition’s service region.

GPBCH is the employers’ voice in meeting with health plans, providers, and other system stakeholders to develop and implement programs designed to improve the value of health benefits through improving quality, safety and efficiency, and reducing costs and eliminating waste in health care spending. GPBCH determines its operating agenda with member input. In addition to joining the Leapfrog Group as a Regional Leader, the Coalition’s activities include:

  • Creation of regional report cards for consumers on provider quality, safety and cost (including data collected through Leapfrog reporting)
  • Development and implementation of projects to advance employee wellness, with an emphasis on obesity and diabetes prevention
  • Developing best practices for health benefit designs and payment models that advance quality, safety and value
  • Creating a forum through which GPBCH members can network and share best practices for employee health and wellness, consumer engagement, and value-improvement activities
  • Assisting interested members in identifying group purchasing opportunities available through an affiliation with an employer coalition already offering such services

Additional regional support provided by: Delaware Valley Health Care Coalition


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