Louisiana Business Group on Health (LBGH)

Regional Leader Information

Website: www.lbgh.org     
Region: Louisiana 
Covered Counties: All 

Contact: Cheryl Tolbert
Title: President and CEO
Address: 12046 Justice Ave Suite B, Baton Rouge LA 70816
Phone: 225-291-0085

Overview of your organization: The Louisiana Business Group on Health (LBGH) membership consists entirely of stakeholders whose focus is to develop and sustain a purchaser, payor and provider partnership that will improve the quality and value of health care in Louisiana.  LBGH is the only unified voice representing employers solely on health care issues in Louisiana through marketplace solutions.

Founded in 1984, LBGH is one of the largest business groups of midsize to large self funded employers.  LBGH offers education, research, community based activities that improve the health and productivity of the Louisiana workforce. 

Why did your organization decide to apply to become a Leapfrog Regional Leader? In keeping with our mission, LBGH will work with Leapfrog Group to continue our focus to improve quality and value of health care in Louisiana. 


Market Information

Geographic coverage: Louisiana

Population: 4.684 Million

Number of employer/coalition lives in Regional Leader area: 450,000

List of employershttp://www.lbgh.org/members.html

Hospital characteristicshttps://cdn.ymaws.com/www.lhaonline.org/resource/resmgr/Reports/LHAEconImpactFinalReport2018.pdf

Largest insurers: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana; United Healthcare


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