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Setting the industry standard by achieving 99.9999% disinfection in less time and labor, Surfacide® maximizes the power of UVC disinfection in a proven, simple-to-use, and easily transported 3-emitter system.
Ecolab is the global leader in water, hygiene and infection prevention solutions and services. Ecolab delivers comprehensive solutions, data-driven insights and personalized service.
Medline is a healthcare company; a manufacturer, distributor, and solutions provider focused on improving the overall operating performance of healthcare.
The Splashblocker is an engineering barrier control that blocks plume coming out of the hospital toilet mitigating patient and healthcare worker exposure to viruses, bacteria and hazardous drugs that are aerosolized upon flushing.
The R-D Rapid UVC Disinfector is the only system available that measures, records and reports. We use proven, patented remote sensors "challenge devices"​ that measure and ensure delivery of published UVC doses at all points of disinfection every time.
ARC Fertility is the nation’s largest network of highly qualified and accredited fertility specialists. ARC offers affordable fertility treatment while continuing to define the best in medical care.
Varidyn provides environmental infection control solutions that are driven by the newest technologies.
GOJO Industries helps the world experience greater health and wellness by leveraging our more than 75 years of experience to continually introduce improved ways to keep hands, and the surfaces they frequently touch, clean.
At Arrowsight, we provide secure tools and strategic solutions anchored to excellent and longstanding service relationships with client partners across a broad spectrum of global industries.
Cadence Clinical Services is one of Ovation Healthcare’s four pillars of business. Ovation Healthcare is the premier provider of shared services to improve hospital and system performance.
Vigilant’s patented solutions helps hospitals capture significant lost revenues, increase nurse satisfaction/efficiency and slash hospital risks associated with patient safety and compliance.
BioVigil is a leader in electronic hand hygiene monitoring. BioVigil uses technology to increase hand hygiene compliance in healthcare facilities resulting in decreased healthcare acquired infections (HAIs).
Man & Machine is a global leader in computer peripherals and custom engineered hardware solutions.
Dial is the #1 Dr. recommended antibacterial hand soap brand. Our products are gentle on skin and tough on bacteria. We offer a full portfolio of dispensed and refillable hand soaps and hand sanitizers.
Intelligent Observation is revolutionizing the healthcare industry with an affordable, accurate and easy-to-use hand hygiene monitoring system. Their innovative technology helps improve compliance and prevent infections.
Medisolv is the leading healthcare quality data management company. Their all-in-one Quality management software, ENCOR, provides tools that help healthcare organizations.
SwipeSense's mission is to empower hospitals to make data-driven changes that lead to predictable outcomes to help them save lives, improve patient and clinician experiences, and create operational efficiencies.
Microsoft’s mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Our solutions help you create an engaged and productive healthcare workforce, empower health team collaboration, and more.
Nevoa was founded to invent disinfection products that eliminate Healthcare-acquired Infections (HAIs) and save the lives of people in environments where germs and pathogens are known to thrive.
Seal Shield is the world leader in innovation, development, and manufacturing of industrial-grade solutions, including waterproof keyboards and mice, UV resistant multilayer screen protectors, and more.
Designed to improve care, lower infection risk, and reduce healthcare costs, Nozin programs utilize Nozin® Nasal Sanitizer® antiseptic with clinically supported infection prevention solutions.
Rensair is a specialist in air purification, protecting and enhancing lives through clean air. Rensair develops portable, hospital-grade air purifier protect and enhance lives through clean air.
CenTrak empowers healthcare leaders with actionable data to increase productivity, reduce operating costs, and transform patient care via market-leading locating and sensing IoT solutions.
SureWash uses technology to teach the how, why and when to perform hand hygiene. Their interactive training devices have a live video camera to assess the users hand hygiene technique.
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