Leapfrog Hospital Survey Webinar Series

The Leapfrog Hospital Survey Webinar Series (formerly known as the Survey Users Group) is held monthly from March to December. Each one-hour webinar includes a presentation as well as a question and answer session. The Webinar Series is designed for hospitals that would benefit from a more interactive presentation of Survey materials and information. Nothing presented in the Webinar Series differs from the information available in the printed materials or through the free electronic Help Desk. Hospitals that join the Webinar Series will have access to:

  • Topical monthly presentations that focus on Survey and CPOE Evaluation Tool measures and specifications, scoring information, frequently asked questions, technical assistance, and public reporting
  • 20 minute open Q & A sessions
  • Presentations by Leapfrog’s technical experts
  • Library of all slide decks and recordings from March-December

The annual registration fee is $345 per individual. 

Registration for the 2022 Leapfrog Hospital Survey Webinar Series is now open. The 2022 Webinar Series schedule can be accessed here.




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The Leapfrog Hospital Survey Webinar Series is a program of the Judie Burrows Education Institute. If you are interested in contributing, please visit www.leapfroggroup.org/donate.
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