2024 Leapfrog Certified Coach Training

For the first time, Leapfrog is offering a Certified Coach Training for health care consultants, solution providers, and innovation partners who offer services, products, and technology designed to improve patient safety and healthcare quality in the thousands of hospitals nationwide that participate in Leapfrog’s annual voluntary Hospital Survey

Learn directly from Leapfrog’s Senior Vice President for Health Care Ratings, Missy Danforth, and in-house subject matter experts from the Ratings Team, about key aspects of the Leapfrog Hospital Survey including reporting periods, measure specifications and criteria, data collection and documentation, public reporting, and data use. 

Ask questions throughout the virtual training directly to the presenter or to Leapfrog’s in-house subject matter experts via the Zoom Q&A feature. Receive a copy of the slide deck, recording of the session, written transcript of the Q&A, a copy of the 2024 Hospital Survey (PDF), 2024 Scoring Algorithms (PDF), and 2024 Hospital Survey Binder (PDF).  

Display your Leapfrog Certified Coaches Badge in your email signature, on your business card, on LinkedIn, and in promotional and marketing materials following successful completion of the training and exam. Receive an LCC (Leapfrog Certified Coach) credential and your name will be listed as a Leapfrog Certified Coach on the Leapfrog website.

Attendance is limited, so we encourage early registration.

For questions and further information, please email Paul Alper at palper@leapfrog-group.org.

Please note that this course is designed for health care consultants and solution providers, not hospitals.

Hospitals may be interested in attending our Deep Dive Sessions which are designed to help survey coordinators, quality directors, patient safety officers, nurse and physician leaders, hospital executives, and other hospital and health system leaders gain an in-depth understanding of various aspects Leapfrog’s two national ratings programs: the Leapfrog Hospital Survey and Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade.



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