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Joining Leapfrog’s NHSN Group for ASCs is one of two options for authenticating your ambulatory surgery center for the purposes of requesting a security code to access the Online ASC Survey Tool.

In addition, ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs) are required to join Leapfrog’s NHSN Group for ASCs (ID: 57193) in order for Leapfrog to pull data on the following measures included in Section 4B NHSN Outpatient Procedure Module of the 2019 Leapfrog ASC Survey:

  • Same day outcome measures: patient burns, falls, “wrong” event, and all-cause hospital transfer/admission
  • Surgical site infections for Infections for breast surgery (BRST), laminectomy (LAM), herniorrhaphy (HER), and knee prosthesis (KPRO) using an All SSI SIR model

Leapfrog will not score Survey responses or publicly report individual ASC Survey Results in 2019. However, these data will be used in aggregate in national reports and individual ASC Benchmarking Reports.

In 2019, NHSN data will be available for ASCs on the ASC Details Page via the individual ASC Benchmarking Reports in September and February. In order to have NHSN data included in the first ASC Benchmarking Report of 2019, you must:

  • Join Leapfrog’s NHSN Group for ASCs by the “Join by” dates listed below,
  • Enter a valid NHSN ID in the Profile Section of the 2019 Leapfrog ASC Survey, and
  • Complete, affirm, and submit the 2019 Leapfrog ASC Survey by June 30 


Deadlines and Reporting Periods

Join by Leapfrog will download data from
NHSN for all current group members
NHSN data will be included in ASC Benchmarking Reports for ASCs that have submitted a Survey by Reporting Period Available on ASC Details Page
via ASC Benchmarking Report
June 20, 2019 June 21, 2019 June 30, 2019 01/01/2018 - 12/31/2018 September
August 22, 2019 August 23, 2019 June 30, 2019 01/01/2018 - 12/31/2018 September
October 23, 2019 October 24, 2019 November 30, 2019 07/01/2018 - 06/30/2019 February
November 21, 2019 November 22, 2019 November 30, 2019 07/01/2018 - 06/30/2019 February

Leapfrog will update data four times per Survey Cycle, according to the dates and reporting periods listed in the table above, for all current members of Leapfrog's NHSN Group for ASCs that have provided an accurate NHSN ID in the Profile Section and have submitted a 2019 Leapfrog ASC Survey.

Beginning with the 2020 Leapfrog ASC Survey, ASCs will be publicly reported as “Declined to Respond” for the same day outcome measures and SSI measures if they fail to join Leapfrog’s NHSN Group for ASCs, provide a valid NHSN ID in the Profile Section of their 2020 leapfrog ASC Survey, and submit a 2020 Leapfrog ASC Survey. 

Leapfrog recommends that ASCs follow the instructions provided in the Reference Information for Section 4B in the hard copy of the Leapfrog ASC Survey and save copies of the OPC's 2018 Annual Facility Survey and NHSN Reports on the same day that Leapfrog will be pulling the data from NHSN for all current group members.


Instructions for Joining Leapfrog's NHSN Group

Please download a copy of the above for information on joining Leapfrog's NHSN Group for ASCs (refer to pages 2-3).


NHSN Supporting Materials


FAQs Regarding Joining Leapfrog's NHSN Group for ASCs

Q: Will the data be shared with other members of the group?

A: No, an ASC that joins a group does not have access to any data from other facilities in the group. Data will only be shared with Leapfrog.

Q: How will the data be used?

A: These NHSN data will not be scored or publicly reported by Leapfrog in 2019. However, the data will be used in aggregate in national reports and individual ASC Benchmarking Reports.

Q: What data is being requested?

A: The data being requested by Leapfrog is used to generate standardized infection ratios for surgical site infections within NHSN. It is also used to obtain information on your facility's same day outcome measures. Immediately after joining the Group, the facility will be taken to a screen listing the data that the Group is requesting access to, referred to as the “Data Rights Template.”  An   or in the template indicates that a particular piece of data is being requested by the Group. The Data Rights Template will automatically include all applicable procedures. The facility must select the “Accept” button at the bottom of the screen in order to accept the template of data rights and share data with Leapfrog.

Q: Will Leapfrog be collecting patient identifiers?

A: No, Leapfrog will not be collecting any patient identifiers. When reviewing the Data Rights Template, ASCs will see that we are requesting patient data “without any identifiers.”

Q: Who from our facility needs to complete the "join group" process within NHSN?

A: An administrative-level NHSN user is needed to join a Group within NHSN and complete the "Confer Rights" process.

Q: After joining the NHSN Group, what else is required?

A: When an ASC first joins the group they are asked to “confer rights” to the Leapfrog Group, which specifies the data that would be shared with Leapfrog.  Leapfrog has set up a Data Rights Template, which specifies the data we are requesting.  In addition to joining Leapfrog’s NHSN Group for ASCs, facilities must provide a valid NHSN ID in the Profile Section, and submit a 2019 Leapfrog ASC Survey. ASCs will be able to view the data that is being pulled into their Leapfrog ASC Survey by accessing their ASC Details Page beginning in September. See important dates and deadlines in the table above. 

Q: Will Leapfrog notify ASCs if the Data Rights Template is updated and they need to re-accept it within NHSN?

A: Yes, Leapfrog will e-mail the NHSN administrator of each facility that is a member of our NHSN group if we update the Data Rights Template. ASCs will be prompted to review the updated Data Rights Template and re-accept it when the NHSN administrator logs in to NHSN. Failure to do so will result in leaving Leapfrog’s NHSN Group and Leapfrog will no longer be able to obtain NHSN data for your facility on the surgical site infection measures and the same day outcome measures. 

Q: How often is Leapfrog updating the data?  Won't regular updating cause changes to the data?

A: Leapfrog will obtain data from NHSN four times per Survey cycle. This allows Leapfrog to obtain data for new ASCs that may not join the NHSN Group by the first deadline and to use the most current data. The reporting period for the same day outcome measures and surgical site infections (CY 2018) will remain the same until September 1, when we will start pulling data using the updated reporting period (2018 Q3 – 2019 Q2). Within a reporting period, an ASC’s data would only change if they update the surveillance or survey data submitted for that reporting period within NHSN. This should be rare as there is at least a 6-month reporting lag.

Q: Who should ASCs contact if they have other questions?

A: Please contact Leapfrog’s Help Desk: Some questions may need to be re-directed to NHSN:


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