Survey Overview

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The Leapfrog ASC Survey is divided into five sections. A description of each section is listed below. For a more detailed overview of the 2020 Leapfrog ASC Survey visit the Get Started webpages.

All five sections must be completed in order to submit the Leapfrog ASC Survey via the Online ASC Survey Tool.

ASC Profile 

The profile section includes questions about demographic and contact information. The profile section can be accessed and updated anytime throughout the year by logging into the Survey Dashboard with your facility’s security code. 

Section 1 Basic Facility Information

Section 1 includes questions about your facility’s operating and procedure rooms, adult and pediatric patient discharges, teaching status, ownership, accreditation, and transfer policies.

Section 2 Medical, Surgical, and Clinical Staff

Section 2 includes questions about your facility’s medical, surgical, and clinical staff, including board certification maintenance.

Section 3 Volume and Safety of Procedures

Section 3 includes questions about your facility’s volumes of adult and pediatric procedures, patient follow-up, patient selection and consent to treat, and use of a Safe Surgery Checklist.

Section 4 Patient Safety Practices

Section 4 includes questions about medication safety (medication and allergy documentation, antimicrobial stewardship practices, and opioid prescribing), NHSN Outpatient Procedure Component Module reporting, hand hygiene, NQF Safe Practices, and the Never Events Policy at your facility.

Section 5 Patient Experience

Section 5 includes questions about patient experience (OAS CAHPS). 



Any changes made to the measure specifications after April 1 will be reflected in the hard copy of the Survey in the Reference Information sections under the “Change Summary” header (see Table of Contents). In addition, the updates to the specifications will be highlighted in yellow. If the changes are substantial, we will email the Primary Survey Contact your facility indicated in the Profile Section of the Survey.

The Leapfrog Group and its participating members are committed to presenting information that is as current as possible and therefore allow facilities to update and resubmit their Survey until December 31 (updated from November 30 as part of Leapfrog's response to COVID-19). Please carefully review the reporting periods in each section before updating your Survey.

Leapfrog will be scoring responses and publicly reporting individual ASC Survey Results in 2020. 

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