Preparing for Your Procedure Patient Education Video Series

Going into the hospital can be a daunting task, but preparation is key. Do your research with the Hospital Safety Grade and be an engaged patient with these helpful resources from the Judie Burrows Education Institute. 

Picture of How to Choose the Right Surgeon

It's easy to ask your friends and family for provider recommendations, but word of mouth won't tell you the whole story. If you need a doctor or surgeon, check out how many procedures they've performed and how their patients rate them on courtesy and respect. Most of all, find someone you trust. Download the Toolkit.

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Picture of Questions to Ask Before Your Procedure

Are you getting ready for a procedure? Before you go into the hospital, you should be prepared: Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and remember to write everything down. If you’re still nervous, you can take a friend, caregiver, or patient advocate to an appointment for extra support. Download the Toolkit. 

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Picture of Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade Explained

In this video, board-certified patient advocate Krista Hughes explains the Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grades and how you can use the Grades to stay safe in the hospital. Leapfrog's Hospital Safety Grades make it easy to search for hospitals in your area and see how they measure up.

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Picture of Hospital Safety Grade

Many hospitals have world-renowned doctors and equipment, but not all hospitals prioritize their patient's safety above all else. You deserve to know which hospitals do the best at protecting their patients from harm. That's why we developed the Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade. 


The Judie Burrows Education Institute offers transformational educational programming that advances patient safety and empowers real, measurable progress. 

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