Same Day Surgery in the U.S.: Findings of Two Inaugural Leapfrog Surveys

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This includes a selection of findings from the Surveys. 

This report summarizes trends on the safety and quality of care for same-day surgical services nationwide. This is a first and notable expansion in the The Leapfrog Group's data gathering and public reporting, which for nearly 20 years has brought the public transparent information on inpatient care. In this inaugural effort, Leapfrog gathered data on several important areas of outpatient care including basic facility information; medical, surgical and clinical staff; volume and safety procedures; patient safety practices; and patient experience.

The preliminary findings in this national report are based on data voluntarily submitted by 321 ASCs and 1,141 HOPDs across the country that had responded either to the Leapfrog ASC Survey or the Leapfrog Hospital Survey by August 31, 2019. For hospitals and ASCs that submitted a 2020 Survey, results are now available.

Similar to Leapfrog’s other public reporting programs, the Surveys were developed with guidance from Leapfrog’s national Expert Panel and the Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality at Johns Hopkins Medicine. They include standardized, evidence-based measures of care specific to places that perform ambulatory and outpatient procedures.

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This includes a full overview of findings, including charts and graphs, from all sections in the Surveys.

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