2011 Annual Meeting

Will We Ever Get To Never? The Five-Year Anniversary of Leapfrog's Never Events Policy

The 2011 Annual Meeting focused on Never Events: egregious errors like removal of the wrong limb in surgery or discharge of an infant to the wrong parents. They are chilling harbingers of a breakdown in our health care system. That is why, in 2006, on behalf of our purchaser members, Leapfrog became the first national organization to issue a policy on Never Events. Though we helped make the term “never event” part of the national vernacular, progress in getting to never has been slow. As Leapfrog entered its 12th year, we recommitted to the original goal of our founders: giant leaps forward in the quality and safety of health care in America.

We heard from Lucian Leape, the father of the patient safety movement; Susan Sheridan, a wife and mother who suffered loss and grief in the hands of the health care system--yet remains optimistic and inspirational; and John Nance, an aviation expert applying principles of successful airline industry safety to hospitals.


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